The First Sunday Service of the Year

Pastor Anderson Kim delivered message from Acts 3:1-10, titled ‘Look at us!’. This message really challenged attendees at the moment of the new beginning. He emphasized to set a priority of life. Apostles set their first priority as prayer so they went up to pray. On the way to prayer time, they saw the crippled man from the birth and shared their conviction in their hearts.

“Apostles knew about this very well. The priority. What did they need to do was the prayer and unite. It is very important in your life. It is the relationship with God. If you don’t pray, even though you do so many things, even though you effort a lot, it doesn’t work. If you live like that, that is a foolish life. You can’t solve that problem. Why? It is because origin of problem is not a money. It is the problem of relationship with God.

In Acts 3. Beggar asks a money. What he wants is the gold and silver. But what does Peter look at was not a money. Peter knew that money can’t solve his problem. He knew that money is the thing he needs. But it can’t be the solution.

Jesus Christ is the only answer. All the answer is in him. ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but What I do have I give you’. They have this conviction. This faith overflow to others. They have nothing. But they have everything in God. They believe that all the answer is in Jesus Christ. I pray you all have this conviction.” stated pastor Kim.

After service, everyone gathered and picked ‘The Bible verse of the year’. Many of them were so surprised to see their verse, because each one’s verse was very meaningful and right! They shared many resolutions and encouraged each other to stay in God.

Please pray for Atlanta Church’s growing in faith.