• College ministry Held Booth Promotion at GSU

    YEF GSU(College ministry) held their first booth promotion for the club Thursday, April 19th. Various club members and officers donned their new YEF shirts and began to promote the new club on campus, as well as, offering prayers for student finals and various other topics. Vice President, Anu, testifies about the event, “Everyone at the…

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  • Prayer Meeting Exhorts to Pray with Trust and Have Obedient Hearts to God’s Word

    Minister Michael John Ford continues the tradition of Fridat preaching before united prayer in Atlanta with a message that advocated trusting God’s word, not ours in prayer. Starting from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 5:2, Michael preached ” These words of Solomon, they’re sound direction. Jesus taught on the mount The Lord knows our needs…

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  • Atlanta Bethel Community Church Meditated on the Pentecost

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church meditated on the meaning of Pentecost and was exhorted to receive Holy Spirit as like the early church. On Sunday 8th, pastor delivered a message from Acts 2:1-4, explained the background and importance of the Pentecost. Among 3 big holidays of Jews-the Passover, the Sukkoth, and the Pentecost, this is the…

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  • Atlanta Bethel Community Church Exhorted to Lament

    On April 6, 2018, Minister Michael John Ford preached about holding onto the heart of trust in God, even when times aren’t good. “After many pieces of good news lately, the theme of suffering came back to me. We went through the time of lent, meditated on the Lord’s cross, and now as he has…

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  • May18

    Pentecost Retreat

    Join us as we join with Nashville Sister church for a peaceful three day retreat filled with worship, prayer and fellowship within the presence of our Heavenly Father. For where two or three gather in his name, the Lord is with them, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. May 18th…

  • May06

    Elim Prayer School

    The Elim Prayer Ministry will continue a series of prayer lectures every month at 1:30pm. In order to equip the people of God to be prayer warriors, the prayer ministry will teach and work with people of all ages to learn, discuss and pray together. The lectures will last an hour, at most. Anyone interested…

  • Apr21

    Authentic Asian Cooking Class with Special Guest Instructor ‘Mrs. Coneeto Strong’

    When? April 21st 11 AM (3rd Saturday every the other month) Where? Atlanta Bethel Community Church What? Sweet and Sour Chicken (Yummy~!) How? Please contact Cindy 404 247 3243 to register with $5 fee for everything!


  • Minister Danielle White’s Reflection

    Though there are still many things I long to understand about Jesus’ cross, one thing I do understand is the sacrifice and love behind His every action. When I look at how He boldly took the cup given by God, how He did run away and take the easy way out and how He willingly…

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  • Haley’s Retreat Testimony

    I really enjoyed the retreat. While I was here all of our bible studies and prayer sessions answered questions I’d had before coming. I also had questions answered through the spirit during prayer time. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Before coming to this church I had been praying to God for Christian friends to connect…

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  • Anu’s Testimony

    We are going to die someday so we should learn to live each day like it’s our last. This is because we were formed from dust and God breathed life into us, therefore we are not just physical beings but spiritual beings as well. And as spiritual beings we should learn that we should put…

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  • The Samaritan Woman

    John 4:16-19 states that the Samaritan woman has many husbands and this is a metaphor of our the things we prioritize over Jesus. I have many husbands too. But today, I have committed a lot of time and meditation to God. I use to just be the dead Christian going to Church every Sunday as…

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