• Church Hosted 3-Day Prayer Retreat

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church hosted a 3-Day prayer retreat from November 9-11th at Daniel’s Prayer Garden. It was filled with overflowing grace and intimate fellowship. There was opening and closing service, 2 bible studies, 2 group prayer meetings, personal prayer time, ministry presentations, reflection time and several activities and recreational activities. All of the services…

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  • Church To Hold Prayer Retreat in November

    On the weekend of November 9th-11th, Atlanta Bethel Community Church will hold a prayer retreat. It will take held at “Daniel’s Prayer Garden” in Alpharetta. For the month of October, the church plans to focus on inviting many people to the retreat. It will consist of Bible study and a lot of time for prayer….

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  • Worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth

    Pastor delivered the Sunday service message on worship. What is service, what is worship, and why is it important? In the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, Jesus taught what is true worship. The woman asked Jesus where is the correct place to worship, Mount Gerizim or Jerusalem. Jesus didn’t talk about where but…

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  • College Ministry at Clark is growing

    The AM Clark Atlanta chapter is growing. The chapter leader, Vanessa, recently started holding group Bible studies on campus. The leader reflected on AM Atlanta’s current status and goals, “There is much potential for my campus, Clark Atlanta, and the Atlanta University Center. There are many souls who are thirsty and are seeking living water….

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  • Nov29

    YEF GSU Hosting Final Group Gathering

    The final group gathering of YEF GSU will take place on GSU campus in Student Center East room 218. This gathering will be a bit different from the usual meetings. It will consist of a guest speaker, the faculty advisor of YEF GSU, Dr. Kennedy; as well as, games, potluck food and a generally fun…

  • Nov18

    Thanksgiving Service and Potluck

    Join in Atlanta Bethel Community Church’s Thanksgiving service and potluck on Sunday at 11am! Feel free to bring something to share, though more than anything we wish for you to bring thankful hearts ready to praise God! Come for a beautiful message of thankfulness delivered by Pastor Anderson Kim and fellowship and fun after service….

  • Nov17

    Jubilee Dance Club

    We will be holding our first Dance club meeting every Saturday at 11am at the church location. The class is open to anyone no matter what level. The class will learn a variety of styles and routines including praise dance, jazz, and hip-hop.


  • The Dust and Spirit

    The Dust and Spirit Our lives on earth are in preparation for life in eternity. It is important that we do not live our lives just for our flesh, but for our spirit. God is a forgiving God that erases all our transgressions once we repent to him. As children of God, we need to…

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  • The image of God

    I learned that I am created in the image and likeness of God and that though man and people forget their origin I should try my very best to embrace this by having a spirit of Love Within Me. I should show love to everyone around me not just love but unconditional and complete love…

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  • We should be faithful to God

    Overall this exodus bible study was a journey for my overall life. As I look back and remember when we first started the exodus bible study I remember that my faith was strong back then but it’s even stronger now then it was back then. The story of Moses and the Israelites really showed how…

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  • God is always faithful

    The Story Of Joseph. Genesis 40-50 After Joseph was put in prison, the grace of God was still upon his life no matter what kind of situation he was in because he was righteous in the eyes of God. I understand now that all dreams and not just dreams we get when we are asleep…

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