• The Meaning of the Cross

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church meditated on the meaning of cross for the first Sunday service of Lent. From this week until Easter Sunday, pastor will deliver the message from John 13 through 18. Pastor started from John 13:1-2, opened attendees’ hearts to understand ‘the heart of God’ for his son, Jesus’ cross. “First, let’s think…

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  • Church Welcomes New Visitors on Sunday

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church had 4 new visitors for Sunday service on Feb. 18th. Moreover, one brother registered joyfully. Message was delivered from John 2:1-12. “Your life would be like the wedding banquet in Cana. Life looks beautiful in this world, but as you live, the wine loses its taste. The life that is not…

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  • Elim Atlanta Prayer School is Here!

    Minister Michael John Ford taught the inaugural class of the once a month course that will take place on the first Sunday of every month at 1:30 PM. Utilizing Elim Hq deep lecture content found on Elim School of prayer website (, the first class was on spiritual formation, the importance of faith and how…

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  • Being a Solider of Christ

    Romans 6:3-14 The message emphasized the believer and how we were once in sin, but now freed from the power of death via Jesus who took the cross. Romans 6 re-emphasis this from earlier in the book. Like a soldier needs to know the situation, we must know the war is over. The situation for…

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  • Mar25

    Korean Culture Day

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church will host the 2nd ‘Korean Culture Day’ on March 25th at 2:30 pm. Traditional Dance, Fan Dance, Instruments and Nanta (drum) by ‘Blue Sky Team’. Plus Korean food will be provided. Everything is FREE!!! Please join with family and friends. Any questions? Contact 404 247 3243, or

  • Mar07

    Elim Prayer Lectures

    The Elim Prayer Ministry will continue a series of prayer lectures every month at 1:30pm. In order to equip the people of God to be prayer warriors, the prayer ministry will teach and work with people of all ages to learn, discuss and pray together. The lectures will last an hour, at most. Anyone interested…

  • Feb24

    Asian Style Cooking Class

    Place: Atlanta Bethel Community Church (953 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Atlanta GA 30314) Time and date: Feb. 24th @ 11am(We open the place 10:30, come early to have coffee/tea time) Instructor: ‘Mama’ Cindy Fee: $5 for each session, it covers everything! Contact: (404) 247-3243 (text first please) Do you like Asian food? Do you…


  • Anu’s Testimony

    We are going to die someday so we should learn to live each day like it’s our last. This is because we were formed from dust and God breathed life into us, therefore we are not just physical beings but spiritual beings as well. And as spiritual beings we should learn that we should put…

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  • The Samaritan Woman

    John 4:16-19 states that the Samaritan woman has many husbands and this is a metaphor of our the things we prioritize over Jesus. I have many husbands too. But today, I have committed a lot of time and meditation to God. I use to just be the dead Christian going to Church every Sunday as…

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  • Leadership Conference Testimony

    This conference was absolutely enlightening. I’m glad that we had this so early in the year because now I have energy and excitement for all that God has planned for this year. The testimony really touched my heart and it allowed me to contemplate on my life and what I will have to show to…

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  • Minister Ford Begins Teen Ministry

    The three weeks were amazingly empowering and refreshing for my spirit. I had grown very dry on all things, but when called, I answered God’s will through Olivet Teen Mission Headquarter’s prayer. I got the blessed opportunity to work with two ministers who have a very strong desire for teens. They shared this passion, and…

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