• Atlanta Receives Grace Through Easter Retreat in St. Louis

    Southeast and Midwest Region Joint Easter Retreat was touched by the Holy Spirit in Christ, who has risen!

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  • Church Prayer Retreat had been overflowing with grace

    3 days Atlanta Prayer Retreat had been overflowing with grace and testimony by God’s mercy. From March 15th to 17th, 18 members went up to Daniel Prayer Garden less than an hour away from Atlanta. They learned ‘The Ancestor’s faith –Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph’ one by one deeply and prayed personally and group a…

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  • Prayer team support campus mission.

    Church prayer team has been active in praying for Atlanta campuses. There are campus prayer meetings every week at the Georgia State University campus where ministers and students gather together to listen to a short message and pray over the campus and Bible studies. The ministers also meet on and pray over Georgia Tech campus…

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  • GSU students grow through campus fellowship in the Word of God

    Georgia State University students are growing in bible study and fellowship by the grace of God. Basically, there are one on one session depends on student’s time, Group Bible Study as YEF on Monday and Campus prayer meeting on Tuesday. Last Friday, it was not intended but in God’s plan, 3 ministers and 5 students…

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  • Jun17

    Daily Bible Study (available EVERY DAY)

    Schedule an appointment for bible study anytime this week. Available EVERY DAY this week! Come join us for bible study. We have them daily, by appointment, so contact us or just stop by and we can fill our longing hearts with the word of God. We all have questions, and the bible has all the…

  • Jun15

    Jubilee Dance Club

    We will be holding our first Dance club meeting every Saturday at 11am at the church location. The class is open to anyone no matter what level. The class will learn a variety of styles and routines including praise dance, jazz, and hip-hop.

  • Jun09

    Pentecost Retreat

    Join us as we join with Nashville Sister church for a peaceful three day retreat filled with worship, prayer and fellowship within the presence of our Heavenly Father. For where two or three gather in his name, the Lord is with them, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. June 7th…


  • True love is unconditional

    Testimony of Osheana   I learned that it is important to love God and be thankful for his love. I learned that true love is unconditional. And that humans struggle with love because they do not love unconditionally. I also learned that everyone’s purpose in life is to love God and love one another. This…

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  • Wise in God’s word

    In Exodus 1:1-22, I learned how the Israelites grew in number in Egypt, but were enslaved to try to stop them multiplying. Also, Pharaoh tried to have all the male babies destroyed to stop the growth of the Israelites. However, the midwives lied to the Pharaoh to protect the boys and listen to God. The…

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  • The life without God is meaningless

    Derrick A. Kankam, a registered member of Atlanta Bethel Community Church, shared his reflections on ‘Dust and Spirit’; The lesson was in three parts; The body and spirit, relationship between heaven and earth and how we should live on earth. I learnt that life is meaningless when we only satisfy the desires of the world…

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  • The Dust and Spirit

    The Dust and Spirit Our lives on earth are in preparation for life in eternity. It is important that we do not live our lives just for our flesh, but for our spirit. God is a forgiving God that erases all our transgressions once we repent to him. As children of God, we need to…

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