• Church Held Cooking Class as Monthly Outreach Program

    Happy cooking was at Atlanta Bethel Community Church. On June 16th, there was ‘Authentic Asian Cooking Class’ and all participants learned ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’. There were 5 students including kids and shared fun time. Asian cooking class is one of the outreach programs of Atlanta Church. Minister Hyunhee Park usually teaches every the other…

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  • Ministers to Have Daily Prayer Meeting on Campus

    Atlanta Church ministers focus on evangelism and finding new souls on campus. Church Minister had a conference. They discussed on current bible study students and strategy to find 12 regular bible study students for each and 7 committed members in summer.   They set a standard of 40 minutes prayer for mission every day. Ministers,…

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  • Members Become One In Prayer For Mission

    Atlanta summer mission began powerfully on June 11th, at Georgia State University. As summer class beings, ministers have prayed for fruitful mission before fall semester begins. They ask prayers for mission to every member either they are together or away for summer. Ministers keep updating prayer request and grace in members’ chat and it encourages…

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  • Church Renewed Sunday School Space and Plan

    Atlanta Bethel Community Church set up new plan for Sunday school from June. During the first week of June, ministers cleaned and decorated Sunday school room for effective caring. Church has several kids including pastor’s kids, and they are various in age and understanding of God. But one teacher should teach and care them during…

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  • Aug10

    Summer Retreat

    On Aug 10-12, Bethel Community Church members will be heading to the church headquarters in New York. We invite every member to this summer Retreat. We ask that you all be in prayer over their trip to and from New York and that we would receive rest and grace from this time. We thank you…

  • Jul05

    Daily Bible Study (available EVERY DAY)

    Schedule an appointment for bible study anytime this week. Available EVERY DAY this week! Come join us for bible study. We have them daily, by appointment, so contact us or just stop by and we can fill our longing hearts with the word of God. We all have questions, and the bible has all the…

  • Jun30

    Community Outreach

    Church youth ministry will do community outreach program. It is a collaboration program with Georgia State University Christian fellowship ‘Life’


  • My journey of faith through school years and vision for the Kingdom of God

    Minister Danielle White graduated Savanah College of Art and Design on June 2nd. Danielle was evangelized in Alabama by pastor Suzy Cho, and decided to transfer to SCAD for serving church. She testified His work through her school years and grace. Please pray for her every step will be in His Kingdom. I’m so thankful…

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  • I’ve gotten more in touch with the holy spirit

    Before coming to the retreat, I was focusing on praying and having faith and trusting in God. I feel like my relationship with God has strengthened because I talk to Him more. Through this, I also invited the holy spirit into my prayers. When I first felt the holy Spirit, I was really excited! That…

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  • Exodus 1 Reflection

    Today I learned overall to have the fear of God as the midwives did. I learned to trust and believe in God’s purpose by having the fear in God. Not to fear other things but fear God instead. As the midwives did not fear Pharaoh and they were wise and had wisdom from God. No…

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  • Romans 1:18-21 Osy-Odife

    Romans 1:18-21 I learnt about Romans and the understanding of God that we should be able to use our knowledge to look around the world and know that God truly exists. We should also come to terms with God and acknowledge him. I also learnt that I should not grumble with life; It will be…

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