Atlanta Bethel Community Church had the second Asian Cooking class on 15th.

‘Mama’ Cindy prepared for the class full of eager students and shared her thankfulness over this time of fellowship.

“I am really thankful that everyone today really enjoyed class and sharing. Some of them encouraged me to continue this time and want to help provide for next class. Hope that through this time church members can become more stable and new visitors can join the church service.”

Next month’s class will be on November 19th. They’ll be learning how to prepare easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Bethel’s ‘Asian Cooking class’ is on every 3rd Saturday of month, cooking and eating simple, healthy and super delicious food together.
From snack to event food, vegetarian to healthy meat dishes, one by one they’ll learn how to prepare food that’ll suit everyone’s palate.

Anyone is free to join! Ingredients will be provided and you can bring the food you made home.
You can bring your kiddos! They can help (if they are big enough) or play in the safe area within the church.

Place : Atlanta Bethel Community Church
Time and Date: Second Saturday of each month @ 11am.
Instructor: ‘Mama’ Cindy