Danielle’s Reflection: My heart fully accepts all of Jesus’ life.

Danielle(front and center) “My time at the Easter Retreat really made me reflect on not only Christ sacrifice, but how I react to it in my daily life and if I truly live with this truth in my life. Through the many Bible studies and reflection times, I came to realize that often times I fail to truly examine the cross in my heart and fully accept all of what Jesus’ life, cross and resurrection means.

I didn’t want to look at it too deeply, because it exposes the great sin of this world and of myself. It shows just how horrible it all is and how great the sacrifice of this innocent man. But through realizing this more deeply, I feel like I’ve come to truly appreciate the cross more. The wickedness of the world is revealed and defeated by a love that is much greater than any evil thing on this Earth. The darker and deeper the shadow, the stronger and purer the light.

I want to live on accepting this grace of Jesus Christ. I’m not deserving and within my heart is a being that runs away from the cross and spits and mocks the cross. But, I want to live on looking at the cross straight on, recognizing my sin and the dark things, so that a great light and greater love is revealed.”