Prayer ministry Added 4 Members and Began Campus Prayer Meeting

The Elim(prayer) ministry has grown considerably. The ministry added 4 members, begun weekly campus prayer meetings every Friday at 2 pm at Georgia State University. And also started a monthly extension of the Elim international online prayer school.

Elim Atlanta’s head, Minister Michael John Ford was quoted saying” God had answered us in prayer, so we need to really keep going. My plan is to send a few of if not all my members to Hq for training and when they come back, appoint them leaders. I want to set up more prayer people well. We need more warriors in this ministry. That’s been one thing I’ve been neglecting to do. I really want to do this well and train them. I also want to find more students on campus that want to pray.”

The ministry will grow firstly through prayer for its growth, and if that’s done well, only God knows where this will lead.