Church Ministers visited New campus to open mission at fall

Church Ministers took a look Georgia Institute of Technology on July 16th. Ministers visited school to meet students as evangelism and prayer. Ministers and members have been praying for GA Tech for a while, because there are so many lost souls but no regular mission work yet.

“I received member’s prayers and encouragement when I shared my plan to visit GA TEch. Although there weren’t many students I can meet since it’s almost the end of the summer class, but I can find hope in Christ. I prayed that I can meet anyone who is praying for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness desperately.

I really hope to meet peeple like ‘Lydia’ in the Bible” minister shared, “After taking a look today, we discussed some on strategy and plan to conquer this land with faith. We expect many engineers will join this movement from this fall. Please pray for new campus to be opened wide.”