GSU students grow through campus fellowship in the Word of God

Georgia State University students are growing in bible study and fellowship by the grace of God. Basically, there are one on one session depends on student’s time, Group Bible Study as YEF on Monday and Campus prayer meeting on Tuesday.

Last Friday, it was not intended but in God’s plan, 3 ministers and 5 students gathered at the same time! They ate together, talked and laughed a lot then prayed led by Elim minister Haley before they left.

“It was great chance for students to meet each other and share their school life based on faith. Each student has different situation and depth of faith, but it wasn’t a problem at all to be one in prayer. All want to have more often this ‘un-official’ meeting on campus. Students mingle within themselves and members can lead others naturally. It’s more powerful and effective for some students” one minister shared.

Please pray for GSU mission be stable.