Bethel Church College Fellowship Evangelizes at GSU, Prays More Sincerely

On July 25th, the Atlanta Bethel college fellowship leader, spent time evangelizing at GSU campus despite the few students there. Even though this was the case, it was a very blessed and meaningful time. She used this time to reflect more on the Word of God and pray more earnestly for the campus and the students to come in the fall semester. The student leader hopes to continue evangelizing and find more ways to reach many should despite any past, present or future circumstances.

She reflected, “I think I need to pray more strongly for evangelism especially on Georgia State University campus. I feel like God is trying to tell me to go to the people that I know most closely first. I truly hope I can continue to evangelize more and more in faith.”

Please continue to pray for Atlanta Bethel Community Church and its college ministry. They hope to go out boldly to find more prepared souls assigned by God.