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> Church Meditated on Genesis 4 about Relationship

Church Meditated on Genesis 4 about Relationship

Atlanta Bethel Community Church Sunday was filled with sharing and caring. On Sunday, April 29th, pastor delivered message from Genesis 4:1-12, titled ‘Cain and Abel’.
Pastor opened the eyes of attendees to see deeply on this ‘used’ message for church comers. Some of them already had bible study on this but others don’t have chance to learn deeply. During the message, they listened carefully and shared applying their relationship between God and themselves as well as among brothers and sisters.

Especially he explained deeply on the expectation of God toward Cain, the first born and applied this story to members.

Then he concluded “You can feel hard because of relationship. It can be hard to love somebody. At that time, we have to remember this. Through him who you couldn’t love, we can go to God closer. In the other hand, we were the enemy of God whom he cannot love at all. We were at this position. However, God comes to the ones who didn’t deserve to receive this love but loves us first. We received this amazing love already.

It is easy to love someone who love me. However, what is the teaching of Christianity? Love your enemy. By loving my enemy, I can go closer to God. That is how building the Kingdom of God.

It is not easy at all. It is really hard that older serves younger. I pray you can love others with this heart. Loving enemy, Loving others is not easy. But if you love others when it is not easy, you can get closer to God as much as you endure it. As much as it is hard, God has great expectation from you. God is looking at you with the heart of father. God want you embrace other with great love.”

After service, there was sharing over the lunch and prayer for new visitor. Ministers also had deep conversation with long registered member Tany to start bible study again and guide him to community more.