• Southeast Region Retreat Closing and Sunday Service: the Parable of Kingdom of God

    Southeast Region Retreat Closing and Sunday Service: the Parable of Kingdom of God On March 1, southeast regional retreat from February 29-March 1 concluded with the Sunday and Closing Service based on Matthew 13: 24-33, 36-43. Pastor Thomas preached a sermon regarding the parable of the Kingdom of God. The beautiful original Kingdom of God,…

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  • Atlanta Bethel New Years’ Service

    Meeting at the church at 9pm, the Atlanta Bethel members joined together to end the year in the presence of God and begin anew soaked in the grace of a new year. Service began with an opening prayer by the Elim prayer minister. The Bethel praise team, minus one, sang to the Lord and led…

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  • Atlanta Bethel Community Church Welcome New Minister Pastor Thomas Wang

    On December 15th, 2019, Atlanta Bethel Community Church members welcomed the new minister Pastor Thomas Wang who came from San Francisco California. The previous church minister Pastor Anderson introduced Pastor Thomas to church members with warm welcome. Pastor Thomas gave a self introduction to members and shared the vision of the church is heading to….

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  • Members Urged to Desire Jesus and Clean Church Together

    This fall day service began with a message from Matthew 14:44-46 and Luke 19:1-10. P. Anderson talked in depth about Zacchaeus and his strong desire to see Jesus; to know Jesus. To this chief tax collector, what Jesus had to offer was greater than any riches. Just as in Matthew 14, with the parable of…

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  • Sep29

    Bethel Dance Club

    Want to learn various dances from Praise to Ballet to Hip hop/B-boy? Join the Bethel Dance Club, free of charge! Every Sunday, after service at 1:30pm

  • Sep26

    GSU Group Bible Study

    Every Thursday at 4:30, Atlanta Bethel’s college ministry has Bible study on Georgia State University campus. If you are a student who’s interested, please join us in Student Center West 455! This school year’s theme will be the Beatitudes, so you won’t want to miss a single study! Hope you see you there!

  • Sep22

    Bethel Culture Day

    Atlanta Bethel’s Korean Culture Day has evolved and grown into Bethel’s Culture Day! By the grace of God, Atlanta Bethel has received many members from many different places around the world. So in celebration of this, the church to host this Culture Day on September 22nd at 3pm. Bilingual praise and worship will begin at 2:40pm! Food…


  • True love is unconditional

    Testimony of Osheana   I learned that it is important to love God and be thankful for his love. I learned that true love is unconditional. And that humans struggle with love because they do not love unconditionally. I also learned that everyone’s purpose in life is to love God and love one another. This…

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  • Wise in God’s word

    In Exodus 1:1-22, I learned how the Israelites grew in number in Egypt, but were enslaved to try to stop them multiplying. Also, Pharaoh tried to have all the male babies destroyed to stop the growth of the Israelites. However, the midwives lied to the Pharaoh to protect the boys and listen to God. The…

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  • The life without God is meaningless

    Derrick A. Kankam, a registered member of Atlanta Bethel Community Church, shared his reflections on ‘Dust and Spirit’; The lesson was in three parts; The body and spirit, relationship between heaven and earth and how we should live on earth. I learnt that life is meaningless when we only satisfy the desires of the world…

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  • The Dust and Spirit

    The Dust and Spirit Our lives on earth are in preparation for life in eternity. It is important that we do not live our lives just for our flesh, but for our spirit. God is a forgiving God that erases all our transgressions once we repent to him. As children of God, we need to…

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