Atlanta Bethel Community Church

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• Introduction: The Calling of Paul & the Purpose of the Epistle
• The Reality of the Beginning of Sin
• True Baptism and Identity of Christians
• Sola Fide, Sola Gratia
• The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
• Beyond Tragedy
• The Power of Jesus’ Blood on My Sins
• After Justification – Life of Sanctification
• Battling With Sin
• Awaiting the Dawn of God’s Kingdom

Blessed Ones : Heavenly Constitution (Matthew 5: 1 – 16)
• Beginning the Kingdom of Heaven
• The Paradoxical Truth – The Ruler of Kingdom of God
• Heart of Unity – The Father and the Son
• The Heart That Touches God, Eyes That See Him
• The Suffering of the Righteous Sons

Galatians is another deep well that quenches the believers who underwent long time serving but grew cold losing grace. It revives the hearts of love and lets us recall the first love God showed in the beginning.
• Background
• What is Gospel?
• Conflict and Resolution: The Circumcision Dispute (Law & Gospel)
• Heirs According to the Promise
• Church of Hagar and Church of Sarah
• Life by Grace and by the Spirit
• Fulfill the Law of Christ: Carry Each Other’s Burdens.

• Exodus: The Spiritual Refinery for the People of God
• The Old Testament Studies
• The Life of Jesus: The Works of Jesus on Earth
• The Book of Acts: The Expansion of Christianity
• The Book of Philemon: The Way of Communication Among Christians and the Life Following the Gospel