Atlanta Bethel Community Church


Jesus Washes His Disciple’s Feet

Atlanta Bethel Community Church had graceful Sunday service on Feb. 25th. Pastor delivered message on John 13, continuing from last week until Easter Sunday. Church

The Meaning of the Cross

Atlanta Bethel Community Church meditated on the meaning of cross for the first Sunday service of Lent. From this week until Easter Sunday, pastor will

Being a Solider of Christ

Romans 6:3-14 The message emphasized the believer and how we were once in sin, but now freed from the power of death via Jesus who



What Hardens a Heart?

Hebrews 3:7-19 The warning in Hebrews 3 is a serious one. Anytime we ignore what God has said, it may be evidence of a hardened

The Cross: Grace Displayed

Romans 3:21-27 At Calvary, the Lord displayed His grace for the entire world to see. The cross represents the intersection of His holiness and His

Joy in Sharing

We . . . offer our sacrifice of praise to God by telling others of the glory of his name.—Hebrews 13:15 (TLB) Jesus knew that

Do You Know God’s Voice?

John 10:1-5 Our perceptions of the Lord have a huge impact on how we hear His voice speak to us in His Word and through