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> A Messenge of Love and Prayer

A Messenge of Love and Prayer

This Wednesday service, Pastor Anderson preached the word of God from Matthew 5:43-6:15, enriching the congregation’s spiritual hearts with Jesus’ famed sermon. A newcomer was present this evening a Georgia State University Psychology student.

The message brought the new student and all attendants to deeply share their hearts over fellowship. The GSU student shared, “It’s natural to want to seek revenge on someone who’s done you wrong, but Jesus, he challenges us to be patient, loving even our enemy. I really am reminded by his words that I need to pray God centered prayers, not I centered, and even remember to pray for others, like those suffering in Houston.”

Kiara shared, “Prayer, it’s like a flower being watered, nourished, replenished. This is how I see prayer.”

Michael shared, “I like how Pastor Kim said it, prayers that don’t reach God are these types of prayers. It’s only fitting, because those prayers for attention aren’t actually aimed at God. I taught a bible study today and God really had me emphasising this same point of doing things with the proper heart and motive, God is always telling me the truth. It’s so awesome how much he directs and cares for me.”

Ministers of the church are touched to see this young newcomer share in the word of God and they are praying that he will start intensive bible study soon with YEF. Please Pray for this student and all of the college outreach that Atlanta is currently doing.