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> Atlanta Bethel Community Church Meditated on the Pentecost

Atlanta Bethel Community Church Meditated on the Pentecost

Atlanta Bethel Community Church meditated on the meaning of Pentecost and was exhorted to receive Holy Spirit as like the early church.

On Sunday 8th, pastor delivered a message from Acts 2:1-4, explained the background and importance of the Pentecost. Among 3 big holidays of Jews-the Passover, the Sukkoth, and the Pentecost, this is the 50th day after the Passover. Number 50 means ‘Freedom’ and ‘Salvation’ for them, it symbolizes the year of Jubilee too.

Pastor said “Pentecost is the day of freedom declared. All creations are under the pain of sin now. Slave of Satan. But the Pentecost is the day of liberation. For the church, it’s like a birthday. Early church began from here. You must remember the meaning of it and keep well” and continued with main scripture.

“In Acts 1:7-8, Jesus says that you will receive power. Why do we need to receive power? Power from above, then we can do the work of God. We need to receive this power to follow the way of Jesus. At the Pentecost, we have to receive the power of God for work of God” he added then encouraged listeners saying “120 people who gather in the attic of Mark receive the Holy Spirit. When they pray together, they received the Holy Spirit. It is not Just for them. Today, to all believer, Holy Spirit comes. When we pray together with sincere heart, we can receive the Holy Spirit like them”

The pastor also explained one by one about gifts of Spirit and emphasized that having love is the true gifts. Lastly, all looked Galatians 5:22-23, 9 fruits of the Spirit and decided to bear many fruits during this Pentecost season.

There are 3 new visitors from Clark Atlanta University and beautiful fellowship.