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> Atlanta Bethel Meditates on the Confession of Peter

Atlanta Bethel Meditates on the Confession of Peter

Atlanta Bethel Community Church’s Sunday service was filled with the Word of God, love and care. In the sudden unusual cold, 24 church members and Sunday attendees stepped into church.

Pastor delivered message from ‘Matthew 16:13-20’, titled ‘The Confession of Peter’.

“How did Jesus come on earth? He was born in a manger. Jews knew about Jesus. He was born in Bethlehem and his father was a carpenter. For the Jews, Jesus was not that special. He doesn’t look he has majestic power. It was hard to accept to Jews. To accept that kind of Messiah who was born shallow required great faith.

At that time, no one accepted Jesus as Christ. But finally Peter is confessing that in this scene. That is why this scene is such a great and amazing scene where Jesus is being testified for as Christ. This case should not be just some case that happened 2000 years ago. This case should be repeated by us. We should confess that Jesus is Christ from your heart. You shouldn’t say that because others confess Jesus is Christ. It should comes out from your heart.”

Then pastor, preached verse to verse as well as encouraged listeners to have the same heart with Peter to confess this beautiful confession from themselves. Everyone received a lot of grace and shared reflections and lives.

Church can see everyone is in different level of faith but some members are growing in faith.

Pastor shared “Some need long time to grow, others can go quicker. We plan to raise the prepared hearts during winter time. Although we cannot concentrate well as like the normal school season, we pray for the best guidance from God for each one.”