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> Atlanta Bethel Mediates On The Faith of Bartimaeus

Atlanta Bethel Mediates On The Faith of Bartimaeus

Pastor  preached “Jesus’ own disciples were trying to stop Bartimaeus, but the situation and challenge were not going to stop him. He had great faith. Though he didn’t have eyes to see, he didn’t focus on the obstacles of those persecuting him or what he lacked. With his ears to hear and mouth to speak, he shouted all the more for mercy, for salvation”. Pastor continued, Zacchaeus was hated by many, just like Matthew, and his height was a hindering defect, but he also showed great faith, not focusing on the hatred that others had for him. Instead of returning that cold heart, he was focusing on seeing Jesus no matter what.”

After service, fellowship breaking bread was held. One attendant said “ It was touching to see the faith of these two men. They were on two different walks of life- one physically empty, another physically abundant, yet both thirsty for grace, thirsty for mercy. Neither man was confined to their lack. I see through this that we are not perfect, but God is. And like these two men who showed such great faith, we have to seek to come near the one who is without shadow or darkness. We need to seek God.”

One of our long time members, Christian shared, “ It’s true that when we seek God, Satan will indeed throw many obstacles in our way. My roommate has been struggling recently with many forms of adversity. Financial problems, family issues, you name it she’s got it. But every morning she gets up diligently and prays. I’m really touched to see her still pushing forward with faith in God.”

A pleasant time was set aside for the Sunday School children to decorate the Church Christmas tree. They decorated it with many smiles as they joked and laughed, spoke about the holidays and ate gingerbread cookies.