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> Atlanta Bethel New Years’ Service

Atlanta Bethel New Years’ Service

Meeting at the church at 9pm, the Atlanta Bethel members joined together to end the year in the presence of God and begin anew soaked in the grace of a new year. Service began with an opening prayer by the Elim prayer minister. The Bethel praise team, minus one, sang to the Lord and led the members in an atmosphere of worship and thankfulness.

The praises lifted up in gratitude led to a time of testimony, where each member shared how God supplied and grew them throughout the year of 2019. The theme of each testimony seemed to ring the same, “Though there were hardships and times were our sins and insufficiencies were acutely visible, God’s faithfulness continued to hold us.” The members believe that though difficult these times came with a hope that God is preparing their hearts for an outpouring of great blessing within the new year.

The congregation went over their own top ten news and goals for next year. Beginning with Atlanta Bethel top ten news, each participating fellowship also had the chance to share what God has done and what they hope He’ll do in the future. After this, each person was tasked with writing their own top ten prayer request for 2020 and to pray over these requests.

During the New Year message, the members felt the importance of living a life of love; being fruitful and spreading that fruit wherever God may lead. And to see the amazing things God as done for the whole church community was awe-inspiring and challenged them to trust in God and see Him work amazing miracles.

After the New Year Service, each person in attendance received their scripture of the year. Ending with the closing prayer and group photo, wrapped up and began the year close to God and within His presence.

Please pray for Atlanta in the year of 2020 as they continue moving towards “His kingdom come”.