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> Atlanta Bethel Strives To Begin Teen Ministry

Atlanta Bethel Strives To Begin Teen Ministry

On Wednesday, Minister Michael Ford departed for our church headquarters to learn more about the church community’s teen ministry, Olivet Teen Mission.

Atlanta Bethel Community Church is located just in front of a high school and near a middle school. Teenagers always walk around the church, going to and from school. The ministers of Bethel have begun to think how can they can attract these teens to church. Sometimes, teens within the church would bring their friends, but they never became frequent visitors. That’s the reason why Minister Ford has decided to go to headquarters to learn about some effective ways to evangelize teens.

He shared, “God allows me [to have] a heart for kids and teens. It’s a great joy [for] me to teach kids about God and gospel before they [lose their passion]. These days, some teenagers and teen college students come church. I wanted to know how we can teach them more effectively; more than just bible study and prayers (regular church programs). Hope this training would be the great opportunity to learn [about more] diverse ways to invite teens and guide [them] to God.”