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Atlanta Church Conference 2017


On Monday June 26th, Atlanta Bethel leaders met to discuss plans and goals for the rest of the year. Pastor Anderson Kim emphasized simplicity with prayer in each idea and strategy for completing each goal within a year’s time.

Pastor Kim explained, “If we have more fellowship events, then people will feel easier to come to the church. They will like their friends go the church and so, naturally begin to come more often.” Youth Group (YEF) leader, Danielle White has been chosen to facilitate these events every month for young adults from ages 18 –39. The goal is to become closer to the people who attend the church and Bible studies, so they feel more comfortable coming to the church regularly.

Along with these fellowship events, Atlanta Bethel plans to have a church mini retreat every month for all church goers. They do this in hopes of getting the members and others more involved within the church.

The short-term goals of Atlanta Bethel Community Church are 40 registered members and 70 regular Sunday service attendants by December. Without prayer and the Holy Spirit nothing can get done. The leaders at Atlanta Bethel believe that God can do exceedingly more than they could ever imagine, so please join them in prayer over these things that must be achieved. For the spreading of God’s kingdom and the lost sheep of our Father.