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> Atlanta Church; Meditating on the Relationship

Atlanta Church; Meditating on the Relationship

Atlanta Bethel Community Church meditated on the message of relationship through many stories in the bible. Pastor preached on message mainly from Luke 15, brought out the parables of the lost coin, the sheep and the prodigal son. He explained one by one on heavenly Father’s love for us, the lost one and the relationship God wants to make with us.
Later pastor emphasized the relationship between God and us, between us with the parable of the workers of the vineyard and Cain and Abel.

“In Matthew 20:11-15, we can see that first comers’ heart. They think the owner is not doing this by common sense. Moreover, Jesus is saying that the last was put first and the first was put last. What does this mean? You have to understand two things. This is the world of grace. If you want to understand Christianity, there is a most important keyword. If you want to understand the gospel, there is something you must understand. This is ‘Grace’. Grace is free. This is a gift. This is something you receive at no cost. There is this grace of God. But they are misunderstanding this. Right now Jesus is giving this parable. It says they came at the eleventh hour. For the Israelites, the number 12 is complete. They could have said the people at 12 were given. The Israelites were listening to this and know this. Jacob had 12 sons. He especially loved the eleventh son. What is the grace? It is the special love coming to us overflowing. The greater love is being poured down.” pastor preached.

Then he went deeper with the message of Cain and Abel saying “God should have accepted Cain, the older son’s offering. But God doesn’t accept Cain’s offering. Instead, he accepts Abel’s offering. When greater love, when grace is revealed, we must think about the reason God gives the greater love. You have to understand up to here. But how do we usually understand this? We have jealousy and envy. We are grumbling against God. “Why God? Why are you giving that person what you should give to me?” When you live the life of faith, where does the crisis come? When you misunderstand God, then the crisis comes. But when you perfectly understand God, then there won’t be crisis in your life of faith.”

He exhorted members to understand God in his love and love each other with this overflowing love.