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> Atlanta Receives Grace Through Easter Retreat in St. Louis

Atlanta Receives Grace Through Easter Retreat in St. Louis

Atlanta Bethel Community Church’s members and ministers were honored and very thankful to join their St. Louis sister church for worship and deep study towards Jesus’ cross.

They all mediated deeply on the meaning of the cross and death of Christ for each of them through many different bible studies. Prayer meetings Friday night and Sunday morning touched their hearts. Friday was for repentance for the sins that made Jesus Christ take the cross for each of them. During this time, they also prayed for the retreat activities and the other churches in participation of the retreat. Sunday morning was for individual prayer. They shared personal prayer requests and each church’s needs.

After the bible studies of the second day, they had outside activities and fellowship time together. It refreshed the members and they became closer. On the third and last day, the members worshipped together in Easter service. The attendees of service were able to come to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the resurrection and that it should be alive within each and everyone of them.

Atlanta ministers and members shared, “It was great to meet the members of the Midwestern Regional churches and to be hosted in the St. Louis Jubilee church. We can truly see the great vision for this ministry. We can also feel the love and the humble serving of the members here.”

The Atlanta members are all now safely back in their mission fields, filled with the overflowing love of Christ.