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> Atlanta Summer Retreat: Day Two

Atlanta Summer Retreat: Day Two

The 2nd day of Atlanta’s summer retreat began with Spirit-filled worship in the awesome presence of God as they gathered together as a family. After this, in continuation of the Four Spiritual Laws, Pastor Anderson delivered a bible study on the Fall of Man. The congregation learned about the deep sin that inflects the world and how it came to be through Satan’s lies. He spoke about how Satan deceives and how everyone who yearns to follow Christ should study the Word fully and with a pure heart, seeking to understand the nature of God and His promise completely. If this is done then the relationship between God and Man can be restored more and more.

Yef Leader, Danielle, then delivered the message about Salvation shortly after the group shared their grace and thoughts over the previous message. Beginning in Romans 10:9-10, she explained that salvation is a gift that everyone has access to, despite the sin that rules within the hearts of Man, making humankind enemies of God. Even while looking at this, God wanted to give us the chance to live freely from sin. Even while looking at this and at the faces of the people who killed him, Jesus chose to live and die for this world. All we must do to receive this gift of salvation, is to accept it. When this happens, one is taken away from the tribe of Adam (of sin) and planted into the tribe of Christ Jesus (of resurrection and life).
Now being spiritually fed by the Word of God, the members prepared to receive physical food given as a donation by a friend of Hyunhee, who continuously helps the church through faithful prayer. The participants enjoyed the food and each other’s company as they continued mediating over the message and talking about the kingdom of God. Then shortly after this time, Michael Ford, concluded the day’s bible studies with a message on just that: the Kingdom of God.

“Receiving salvation is the beginning of the Kingdom of God.” As those who were given salvation through Jesus Christ, the Christian’s response should be clear and reflective of the grace and love given by God. That response is to spread this true to many and become the tools to help build up the Kingdom of God and increase citizenship. Through the Word of God, Michael showed the members that the foundation to this kingdom is in Jesus and his cross. This is the restoration to the beginning; the original world of God.

And with this message, this bible studies for the day concluded. And with the words from these messages still fresh in the hearts of the group, they joyfully went out to play in the wonderful world God created for us to admire and enjoy. After playing in the hot Atlanta sun, the members all drove to Pastor Anderson’s home, where they prepared and cooked food together and played Atlanta Bethel Community Church’s most popular card game, Uno.
During this time the members grew closer in the Word of God and were truly like a family, worshipping, learning and playing together in the presence of God.