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> Bethel Begins Nightly Prayer

Bethel Begins Nightly Prayer

Church prayer leader, Michael Ford, has began a campaign of prayers for the church. Michael, Pastor Anderson Kim and Hyunhee Park began praying for 3 sets of prayer topics, 10 minutes per one set of prayer topics. They have established that this will be a nightly gathering and they will cry out to the Lord on high with great anticipation and desire.

The prayer idea came right after the members began evangelizing Georgia State University. Michael commented “The Lord told us to pray, to always pray and never give up. I had great desire to build God’s house and I know that desire came from the Father. We can’t do this alone, we need the holy spirit’s power so we are begging God to help us fulfill these needs. I want to look back on the fruit of all of this prayer and work and remember the Lord’s faithfulness and everlasting ability to come through like only he can.”

Hyunhee shared “I felt God was waiting for our prayers. As I prayed, I realized that I have to ask and knock more and more. He is ready to pour down his grace and mercy but we don’t pray. That is why I’m thankful to minister Michael to guide us to this precious prayer time. Hope we can continue and pile up prayers until we fill the 6 jars to the brim.”