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> Blessed are Those Who Eat at the Feast in the Kingdom of God

Blessed are Those Who Eat at the Feast in the Kingdom of God

Pastor Anderson Kim of Atlanta Bethel Community Church, delivered the sermon of December 9th on Luke 14:1-6 and 15-27. Within these verses, Jesus sits at the table with the Pharisees and experts of the law. He teaches them about the Great Banquet, which represents the Kingdom of God.

He goes on to explain that the people of God are invited to this banquet, but they’re too focused on other things to accept this invitation from God. Unfortunately, for the people of God, God isn’t truly their priority. The pastor goes on to prove this with the excuses each of the three people invited had. In each of their excuses, there is no mention on God and if God was truly the priority, they would have accepted easily and joyfully.

In this way, many people already have their own ideas and plans that they make without God. But then they want God to follow their plans; for Him to be a willing passenger in their own life plans.

In verses 1-6, Jesus heals a sick man on the Sabbath while eating with the religious leaders. It should’ve been such an awe inspiring event, on of rejoicing and celebration, but the leaders were cold. They watched Jesus closely with cold hearts. Even though the miracle of God happened right before their eyes, they remained cold. Why? Because they had their own ideas and objectives. They’re so blinded by their own arrogance and thoughts that they can’t see God or His works right in front of their noses.

For people today, instead of focusing on other things and putting priorities elsewhere; trying other things to fill desires and loneliness, the focus should be on God, who’s the only one that can fill.

After the service, everyone shared the grace they received:

“We should make God’s things a priority in our lives.”

“We should stay connected to God and make sure we have time to interact with His Word daily. God doesn’t ask for much.”

“Even when we say we’re going to read the Bible and don’t, it’s like we’re looking to fill the emptiness, but the things of this world are meaningless.”

“God invites us to His banquet and instead we worry about the things of this world, which is kind of sad. We should come to God when He calls and not push Him away.”

Please pray for Atlanta Bethel Community Church.