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> Campus ministry has started the new semester

Campus ministry has started the new semester

On January 14th, campus ministry has started the new semester for Georgia State Universit (GSU) and Clark Atlanta University. Ministers and campus members promote the campus club YEF activities to students.

Despite of the cold weather, the leaders keep on speaking to students and invite them for Bible study and activities. As a recent tradition, they set up a table in front of the library on the first week of school in order to facilitate the booth evangelism.

Minister Danielle White shared, “It was really good to be back on campus and evangelizing again. For the past couple of weeks, I was actually quite nervous about coming back. It’s a new year and a new semester, so it’s very easy to expect many great things to happen, but at the back of my mind I had many thoughts of what if I make some mistakes, what if the new club members that we received last semester, fall away and we have to start all over again. But after prayer and seeing to students on campus again, I received a lot of comfort and repented for my lack of faith. While we were there evangelizing, the students I was so worried about fall away even came to visit and sit with us as we evangelized. I feel really blessed and thankful to God for His work and faithfulness.”

In addition, many of the club members came to visit and some even stayed to watch the ministers evangelize and keep them company. They received 16 contacts for the first day and they will follow up them to join its activities.

As there are students left the contacts, the leaders believe and pray that it is the quality of the hearts who longing to find the answer and quench their thirst only by the Word of God.