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> Chuch hold graceful Bible Study

Chuch hold graceful Bible Study

On Wednesday, the 5th of June, the members of Atlanta Bethel Community Church gathered together to hold their Bible Study.

Minister Danielle White spoke from the bible text Galatians 3:1-26 and Galatians 4:1-30. She spoke about how Paul reminded the Galatians that relying on the law alone condemns us, but disobeying the law also condemns us. “Due to our sinful nature, we are unable to keep the law perfectly, so either way we are condemned” Minister White said; “However” she continues “While we were once slaves to the law, Jesus’s death on the cross has emancipated us.” She also reminded the church that once we have been liberated from our sins, we should stay in Christ and not fall back to our old ways. She reminds the congregation that “Because we have received this restoration, we should also share the ministry of restoration with the world.” She also reminded the church that if we focus too much on keeping the law, we could easily be swayed by Satan and begin to do the work of God with an attitude of contempt.

Moving on to Galatians chapter 4, Minister White talks about how Paul reminded the Church of Galatia, the love and Kindness they had shown to him when he first arrived. She encourages the members that though things may look hard now, we will look back on it with joy because we were all together seeking the Kingdom of God. Lastly, she spoke about how when things get hard, we should not instantly begin to rely on our own wisdom and strength but we should humble ourselves before God, confess our sins to him, and seek his wisdom.

After the message, the members gathered together to share the grace that they had received from the word. “Through the study of Galatians, I can see how important it is to understand true freedom in Christ, because it’s through that that we start our faith” Minister Hyunhee shared. Osheona said “It’s really important not to blackslide into being a slave. It’s easier to go back to our old ways, to our old life of sin but in Christ there is freedom.” “Sometimes being Christains means that we are not called to live a life of comfort, the old lfe of comfort that is our sinful ways is a place where we are most comfortable but we have to accept the love of Christ and break out of that comfortable life of sin” Anu shared too. “It’s also not trusting God, that’s what makes it so easy to backslide” Danielle added.