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> Church Finished Series of Galatians

Church Finished Series of Galatians

Atlanta Bethel Community Church finished Wednesday service series of Galatians on May 16th.

Pastor delivered a message from Galatians 4:31 to the end. First, he talked about the human-centered idea of Sarah.

“God gave her the promise that He will give her a child, but she can’t believe in that promise. She just used her own physical thoughts of her flesh to make her servant get this child. Sarah planted this wrong seed. Isaac from Sarah is the ancestor of Christianity and Ishmael is of Islam. They have been fighting still now. They are in suffering because of disbelief of this time, lacking of faith” he said and continued “Paul is bringing out this story. One is a child of flesh. The other is a child of promise. You are the children of promise. In verse 31, he tells them we are not children of the slave women, but the children of the free women. You are the children of promise. He is saying since you are the children of promise, shouldn’t you live following that promise. Don’t follow the flesh.”

Pastor also preached on the importance to be aware of even the smallest sin in Galatians 5:9. Because it will spread like the yeast throughout the whole dough. Evil one also spread really quickly like this. There are desires of sinful nature and desires of the spirit. As Paul said in Galatians 5:16-21, the pastor encouraged them not to follow the flesh but spirit so bear 9 fruits of the spirit.

Lastly, they learned the right attitude of believers in Christ through chapter 6.

After service, there were prayer and sharing time. Church will continue the series of Acts from next Wednesday.