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> Church Focus on Pentecost Retreat Preparation

Church Focus on Pentecost Retreat Preparation

Atlanta Bethel Community Church focuses on preparing Pentecost Retreat next week. This retreat will be joint event of Atlanta, Nashville and Houston Church.
30 full time attendees are confirmed now and each church puts a lot of effort to evangelize and invite souls with 70 attendees goal.

Theme of the retreat is ‘I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy(Acts 2:18)’. It begins with Opening Service then continues to Breaking Bread, Bible studies on Acts, Prayer Night, Praise Night, Outdoor Activities and Fellowship so on.

Atlanta Church finish to prepare transportation and housing. Now ministers and leaders discuss detail on every programs works out gracefully during 3 days. Church also encourages all members and Sunday attendees not only join the retreat but take roles like preside, prayer, praise, cleaning and food preparation.

One minister states “It’s great chance to participate actively hosting precious members from other churches for members. We expect abundant grace overflowing and encouragement through messages and fellowships. Thanks to the Lord, some meals will be provided by some friends and prayer supporters.”

Please participate this great time with prayers!