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> Sunday Service Congregations Grow In Faith

Sunday Service Congregations Grow In Faith

Atlanta Bethel Community Church had graceful Sunday service with several stable attendees who are not students. Church has focused on campus mission so most of members are students. But they bring their family or friends and a few of bible study students graduated school but still come to Bethel Church. These days, Ms. Renee, Oshenona’s mother and Ms. Tiombe’s family come service regularly and Tany, Chanel, Kyra’s sister come occasionally. Other visitors of neighborhood walk-in sometimes.

On Sunday 26th, there were Chanel, Ms. Tiombe’s family and Tany. Since it was Memorial weekend, some members are away for family visiting, break and other busy schedules. But they can see seats are filled by unexpected attendees and it brings great joy to whole congregation.

Pastor Anderson Kim delivered message from Acts 9:1-19, the scene the Lord calls Apostle Paul. He explained the situation had happened before the Lord called him. It was preaching by Stephen and his martyr, which Paul was witnessing everything as standing the Jew side.

“What was the thing that Stephen teaches them? This mercy of God going upon everyone, whether men and women servants, old and young, the Holy Spirit will be upon everyone beyond status, gender, age, beyond everything. It is saying that a new era has come. From the era of the temple, it is changing to the era of the Holy Spirit has come. If we do not change our way of thinking, you cannot follow. Would God only be there? That is not so. Will God only be in your people? It is not so. God will not only be there. It is the mercy of God upon everyone. Look at this mercy” pastor Kim brought the congregation deeper in the situation.

He continued saying “Let’s read Acts 9:5-8. He was broken down. Why was he broken? He was the opponent. But the Lord is coming to him and calling him. It is a shock, right? Who called who? He called the enemy. Instead of asking about that sin, there is always this experience of conversion in him. “Why did he call me? Why does he love me?” He was such a big sinner. But there is this deep meditation on the meaning of this calling and that commission. Who changed him? It is the death and sermon of Stephen. What does that mean? Where does that come from? If you look the conversion, there were 2 big factors. The first was the love of Christ. The second was the sermon of Stephen.”

Lastly, pastor encouraged members to meditate deeply on the calling of God for each one and follow this path of Apostle.