Atlanta Bethel Community Church

> Church Held Cooking Class as Monthly Outreach Program

Church Held Cooking Class as Monthly Outreach Program

Happy cooking was at Atlanta Bethel Community Church. On June 16th, there was ‘Authentic Asian Cooking Class’ and all participants learned ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’. There were 5 students including kids and shared fun time.
Asian cooking class is one of the outreach programs of Atlanta Church. Minister Hyunhee Park usually teaches every the other month, but sometimes there is guest instructor by volunteering. This time, Kristi-Ann joined. She visited church several times and showed big interest in cooking.

Kristi-Ann said “This recipe, every student around here should know! I learned many new things and tips for cooking.”

Conversation over the cooking time flew naturally to church and faith. Ministers encouraged participants to come church on Sunday and bible study. For sure, they all enjoyed very ‘Delicious Lunch’.