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> Church holds inner circle meeting

Church holds inner circle meeting

On Saturday, 25th of August core members and ministers of Atlanta Bethel Church gathered together in the church building to discuss plans for the upcoming year for the church, for YEF Atlanta and AM Atlanta.

The meeting started with a short opening prayer from the new prayer Minister Hayley, and Ministers shared their testimonies from their time in Dover for the retreat. Pastor spoke about the four pillars of the church, namely Pastors, Apostles, Teachers, and Deacons. He stated that every church needs this four pillars and without even one of the pillars being strongly rooted in the word of God, then the Church could collapse. He also explained that each pillar is important in their own right and one should not look down on the other as being less important and we are to support one another with the love of Christ. Minister Danielle White spoke about the early church and how they were not comfortable in one place and went out to evangelize to other lands and other people. “We need to have a mind to be ready where God calls us.” She concluded.

Pastor shared his hopes and plan for the church in the upcoming year. “We will have fourteen day intensive evangelism from the 20th of August to the sixth of september and we hope to find seven new members who will be dedicated to the Lord.” He shared. He also announced that we will be having two mini-retreats, one will be held the weekend of September 16th and the second one will be held the weekend of November 11th. YEF Atlanta Regional minister Danielle White and YEF Vice-President Anu shared their plans for YEF as well. “Our first Group Bible study will be on september 6th from 3pm-4pm, after that we will be heading to the GSU orgfest where we will be giving an opportunity to promote YEF to more students.” They elaborated. “We also hope we can find seven new members who are dedicated to both YEF and the church.” Danielle added. “We are also hoping to have another event before midterms or finals, we are not sure yet.” Anu explained. AM at Clark Atlanta leader Vanesssa also stated that she would be having group bibel studies with students every friday at 4:00 pm. The newly appointed ELIM prayer leader Hayley Troullie, also announced her plans to restart ELIM prayer meetings at the GSU campus. Students will be meeting at 3:30 pm on friday to share prayer topics and continously pray for the church and her members.