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> Church Hosted 3-Day Prayer Retreat

Church Hosted 3-Day Prayer Retreat

Atlanta Bethel Community Church hosted a 3-Day prayer retreat from November 9-11th at Daniel’s Prayer Garden.

It was filled with overflowing grace and intimate fellowship. There was opening and closing service, 2 bible studies, 2 group prayer meetings, personal prayer time, ministry presentations, reflection time and several activities and recreational activities.

All of the services and bible studies featured the 4 spiritual laws- Creation, Fall of Man, Salvation and The Kingdom of God. They were all very eye opening messages. Each night there was a group prayer meeting led by the Elim Prayer Ministry. Attendees also had the opportunity of personal prayer time anytime they wanted in the individual prayer cottages. The campfire and sing-a-long was a really memorable moment for all, even though it was cold!

The church plans to have prayer retreat twice a year. If you miss this time, please plan to join next chance!