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> Church Meditated on the Importance of Unity with Christ

Church Meditated on the Importance of Unity with Christ

Atlanta Bethel Community Church reminded again the importance of unity with the Lord, like vine tree and branches.

On Sunday 27th, pastor delivered message from John 15:1-6, Isaiah 5:1-7. He explained that how much Israelites considered vineyard and how they raised it. Using this parable, Jesus is teaching us a very precious message in faith. It’s that we must unite with Christ, then you will bear and produce many fruits.

Pastor preached on simple truth saying “Today’s scripture says really simple truth. Remain in Him then will bear lots of fruits. It could be the change of personality or 9 spiritual fruits in Galatians 6:22. It could be new lives through your evangelism. But if you are not remain in Him, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers, such branches are picked up, thrown into the fired and burned, Jesus said in John 15:6. From where does the separation and division start? The Holy Spirit is the power to unite us as one. The work of the evil spirit separates and divides us from Christ.”

He continued to explain about our sinful habits even after justification with many examples, then how to overcome-unite with Christ.

Lastly he emphasized “The ones who have been saved, how can they go on as the holy people of God in this reality of sin? We have to know this precisely how to go on that path as the holy people of God. First, it is unity with Christ. We have to cut off the starting point of the temptation of Satan. Right now, it is like this. Satan tries to separate and cut us off from Christ. But, if we unite, then we can win.

That is why the message of Colossian 5 is stimulating. It says to put to death your earthly nature. This is the fight against sin. What can we do? He is saying that you are already clean. You are already clean because of the Word I have spoken you.

We must check ourselves up. what we have been looking at with our eyes. This is very important. We must check what we heard and what we are thinking about. We are the ones that have been justified. We must unite with Christ and kill sin. I wish that as you remember this message, you will continue to follow the Word that comes out.”

After service, there was sharing and fellowship time.