Atlanta Bethel Community Church

> Church Prayer Retreat had been overflowing with grace

Church Prayer Retreat had been overflowing with grace

3 days Atlanta Prayer Retreat had been overflowing with grace and testimony by God’s mercy.

From March 15th to 17th, 18 members went up to Daniel Prayer Garden less than an hour away from Atlanta. They learned ‘The Ancestor’s faith –Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph’ one by one deeply and prayed personally and group a lot.

Church had prepared and prayed for this time since it was planned. Old members expected powerful work of Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, new members excited to have take off from school and life for a while and deeper in faith. Two guest pastors from NY, pastor Michael Ford and pastor Joanna Yeo also received comfort and grace. It was also joyful with various activities inside and outside and full of delicious food.

“God allowed abundant grace for each one of us as their stage of faith and understanding. It’s really thankful that everyone mingles and feels comfortable as retreat went. I can see big potential for them to grow stronger with deeper faith and spiritual gifts. Hope and pray we can keep this grace well and thrive His Kingdom in each one’s life.” pastor Anderson Kim shared.