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> Church Renewed Sunday School Space and Plan

Church Renewed Sunday School Space and Plan

Atlanta Bethel Community Church set up new plan for Sunday school from June.

During the first week of June, ministers cleaned and decorated Sunday school room for effective caring. Church has several kids including pastor’s kids, and they are various in age and understanding of God. But one teacher should teach and care them during service.

Hyunhee will teach same theme for everyone, but she will separate age group for activity following. Younger group is from 3 years to kindergarten, older group is from 1st grade to 5th. From 6th grade, she encourage them to join service.

Class schedule is learning theme of the week about 10 minutes with praise songs and bible scripture, 10 minutes of activity or worksheet, 10 minutes of praying, sharing and cleaning up then snack time. There will be achievement chart and treasure box every week. For 2 months from June, kids will learn about ‘Fruits of Spirit’ one by one. On the first Sunday of June, Benjamin and Noah helped teacher to decorate room for further classes. They were happy to help so got several stickers for big reward!

Thanks to God, Benjamin Kim, pastor’s oldest son volunteers to be an assistant teacher. He will help set up class and guide younger group.

Hyunhee said “It is big challenge for me to care all age groups at once. God gives me some ideas and help. I pray that good Sunday school teachers coming to serve together. Until then, I’ll serve this pure little ones with joyful heart.”