Atlanta Bethel Community Church

> Church Welcomes New Visitors on Sunday

Church Welcomes New Visitors on Sunday

Atlanta Bethel Community Church had 4 new visitors for Sunday service on Feb. 18th. Moreover, one brother registered joyfully.
Message was delivered from John 2:1-12.
“Your life would be like the wedding banquet in Cana. Life looks beautiful in this world, but as you live, the wine loses its taste. The life that is not centered by Jesus Christ, their joy doesn’t go longer. Soon the wine won’t be enough. You can enjoy your ultimate joy when you are in God only. But the life without God would be bored soon. That life isn’t joyous but meaningless.
However the life in Christ is getting better and better. This is my testimony and all Christians’ testimony who devote their lives to God. Your future will be like this. The life without God is death in the end. There is nothing in the end. However the life of believer is different. When we die, there is the kingdom of God.”
Newly registered member is Osii, Georgia State University freshman, computer science major. New visitors are Nickolas, Joel, Miakeya and Rani.
Pray for the new visitors and members grow in faith.