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> College ministry Held Booth Promotion at GSU

College ministry Held Booth Promotion at GSU

YEF GSU(College ministry) held their first booth promotion for the club Thursday, April 19th. Various club members and officers donned their new YEF shirts and began to promote the new club on campus, as well as, offering prayers for student finals and various other topics. Vice President, Anu, testifies about the event, “Everyone at the booth was the happiest I’ve ever seen them! Everyone was so radiant, it puts me in a great mood just seeing people’s faces.”

In collaboration with Elim, YEF also offered prayers for people on the spot or invited them to write down their prayers and submit it to the members. Through this time, many students and others walking by were encouraged by their spirit and willingness to give prayers for everyone present. One student commented, “This is awesome! It’s really great to see you guys out here, especially during finals.” Another woman passing by said after on the spot prayer, “Thank you for all you are doing our here. I encourage you to keep going! People will see you out here and you will surely be blessed.”

YEF GSU will continue to do this every month for mass evangelism efforts and to pray for this campus. So many lost souls are waiting to be found, so please pray that YEF could be the lighthouse for many people to find God.