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> College Ministry Plans 3-Days Welcome Week Event for New Semester

College Ministry Plans 3-Days Welcome Week Event for New Semester

The recently established YEF at Georgia State University is pushing full throttle ahead into the fall semester. Officers have spent most of the Summer semester planning for the future, and they intend to kickstart the School year with a 3-day welcome week event for all students. YEF President, Adriane Davis looks forward to this event and testifies that “it’s truly a blessing to be able to be on campus and spread the word of God.” She earnestly encourages all students to come to the Lord, saying, “I hope that those who are lost, thirsty, or even just curious about God can come and join us!”

The event will start off on Monday, the 20th of August with a “Get to know YEF booth” at the library plaza, where we will be introducing and promoting our club to both freshmen and upperclassmen.

Day 2- Tuesday the 21st of August will start off with a movie night in the student center. Students will be invited to come to watch “The Prince of Egypt,” an animated movie that depicts the biblical story of Moses and the Israelites from the book of Exodus. The day will end in a short discussion amongst attendees surrounding the biblical lessons/themes acquired from the film and how they can apply those themes to everyday life.

The welcome week event shall round up on Wednesday the 22th of August at the Atlanta Bethel Community Church with a short sermon on the Word. Students will be invited to the church for Wednesday service and fellowship. The sermon shall be followed by food, fun games, and an official introduction to the church as well as the club. Students will also have the opportunity to have any questions concerning the church, and YEF answered. We are genuinely looking forward to the start of the new semester as we hope to recruit more committed members to YEF and the church as well. YEF Regional Leader, Minister Danielle White hopes that “it can be a great start to the school year for our club and that we would continue the momentum for growing not only the club but the Kingdom of God.” She also prays that “it will be a time for our students in leadership positions to begin mentoring and welcoming the other students.”
However, as minister Danielle stated, “We understand that all of this requires a lot of prayers, so we hope that everyone would join us in prayer over this event and the school year for YEF.” We sincerely hope that all church and club members shall join us to pray that it shall be a graceful event and a time of growth and learning for both new members and old members.