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> Evnagelism on college campuses

Evnagelism on college campuses

YEF Atlanta reinforced evangelism on campus daily basis as new year begins. Danielle, YEF Atlanta leader and Michael, Melvin go to Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and several colleges around the church.

When they step on campus, they pray and meet students one by one. They give them a flyer about YEF bible study programs as well as introduce Sunday service and free language program. Everyone was refreshed and received abundant grace again. And realized that how God wants them to be there for His lost lambs.

YEF Atlanta hope and pray for setting up regular group bible study on campus as soon as possible. For this, they evangelize as well as open some activities like movie nights, game day, etc…  The church also prays for them and offers space and food for their endeavors .

Please pray for the YEF Atlanta mission!