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> First Group Bible Study at GSU Filled with grace

First Group Bible Study at GSU Filled with grace

On Thursday, September 6, marked the official start of Group Bible Study at Georgia State University. The event lasted from 3:00 pm -4:00 pm and was held in the Student Center West. YEF GSU and Atlanta Bethel Community Church collaborated for the event.

YEF regional leader, Minister Danielle White led the group Bible study from the book of Luke 19:1-10. She told the story of Zaccheus and how as a tax collector, he was a representative for sinners and how his story provides a foil for our own salvation story.

Minister said “Do you think many rich people have a desire to see Jesus? Zaccheus had a deep desire to see the Lord, It is important because without the desire to see Jesus we may miss him.” She Continued. She talked about how Zaccheus was a physically short man and that prevented him from getting to see Jesus. In life sometimes, we may find that we are spiritually short, and this could keep us from getting to know Jesus on a much deeper level. There may be many theories about Jesus that could alienate us from him and make him seem far away from us, just like the crowd separated Jesus and Zaccheus. At last, we see that Zaccheus was able to climb a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus. When we truly have a deep desire to see the Lord he will come down to see us, he will also provide someone as a mediator to link us to him.”

“You know, Jesus is at the door of your heart knocking, but he will not just break open the door and barge in, he will wait for you to open up your Heart and invite him in” she explained and challenged saying “Are you willing to let Jesus into your heart today?.” Finally, she reminded attendees through Zaccheus’ action of giving away his belongings that love is shown through action and truth and not just through words.

After the message, YEF officers introduced themselves as well as the club to the new students and played a short icebreaker to get to know everyone better.

There were in total 16 attendees including 10 students and most of them are new. They joined through one-on-one evangelism, promotion booth, personal Bible study even friend’s invitation.

One new student said, “I really enjoyed today’s message and I feel very blessed to be a part of YEF.” Another new student shared, “I’m here because I love the Lord and I want to be a blessing to others in any way I can.”

YEF officers and ministers are very thankful to God that they were able to have Bible study as an official club. Please join in prayer for the new students to grow well in the remaining of the semester.