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God is always faithful

The Story Of Joseph.

Genesis 40-50 After Joseph was put in prison, the grace of God was still upon his life no matter what kind of situation he was in because he was righteous in the eyes of God. I understand now that all dreams and not just dreams we get when we are asleep but even our dreams and aspirations all come from God and as we see in Joseph’s life God gives interpretation of dreams to his children. This world is full of darkness and confusion and as children of the light, it is our job to interpret God’s words and the dreams he gives to those who do not have understanding.

Through Joseph’s life we see that God is always faithful and no matter what situation we find ourselves in, if we just trust in him he will rescue us. Also Joseph went from being a prisoner to a ruler in just one day, this is truly a great miracle and it shows just how quickly God can turn a bad situation into good if we keep our faith and remain righteous and stay in the word. Even in the brother’s heart we see how God touched their hearts and made them realize their mistake in hating Joseph.

This reminds me of how God can touch a sinners heart and if they truly open up to him, they can become devoted followers of Christ. I find this truly amazing how God can change people and I pray that God will continue to change me for the better. I find it truly wonderful that despite all that his brothers had done to him, Joseph could still find it in his heart to forgive them unconditionally, it reminds me of how God will forgive us if we truly repent no matter what sin we may have committed and no matter how much we may have hurt him, it just makes me realize and appreciate his unconditional love and I pray that we do not take that love for granted.

God gave Joseph many dreams just like the way he gives his children many dreams and even when things got tough, Joseph kept believing, trusting and holding on to the promises of God for his life. If we can just have faith in God that he will do what he says he will do, we will see the word of God fulfilled in our lives. However we also have to do our part and remain righteous and pure before the Lord. Lastly, we see in Genesis 50, that after Jacob died Joseph’s brothers became afraid that he would start hating them and they begged for forgiveness. Joseph wept because he had truly forgiven his brothers and even though he was more spiritually mature than they were, he didn’t judge them because he wasn’t God.

The scene of Joseph’s brother reminds me of how we still feel the guilt and shame of our past sins even after the Lord had forgiven us. I wonder if God weeps when it seems like we do not understand his love and forgiveness? I really hope I can learn to apply this type of unconditional forgiveness to those who have wronged me because if God- who is above all man and is beyond righteous- can forgive us, then why can’t we forgive our fellow men who make mistakes just like we do? I pray that as I continue to meditate on this message, that God shall reveal his truth to me and give me a deeper understanding of this bible study.