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> Haley’s Retreat Testimony

Haley’s Retreat Testimony

I really enjoyed the retreat. While I was here all of our bible studies and prayer sessions answered questions I’d had before coming. I also had questions answered through the spirit during prayer time. I enjoyed bonding with everyone. Before coming to this church I had been praying to God for Christian friends to connect with (I did not have many). The testimony sharing was also an exercise for me because I have never told people these things. It was a very blessed trip.
The Beatitudes have revealed to me the different rules to live by that lead to life eternal after death. I’ve learned to never grow weary when doing the Lord’s work for these are great rewards in heaven. It’s also a reminder that I will never be alone through the hills & valleys and although challenges will come. Jesus my savior is always there to carry me when I fall. The rules to live by include loving God will all my heart and all my mind, taking care of those who are weak, hungry, homeless etc, and not worrying about anything(especially of the future). Worrying is never going to help we can plan for our future, but shouldn’t lose joy or feel troubled if things don’t go right.
My journey is very blessed and I believe Jesus loves me so much. I still worry sometimes especially about finances, however, I know God will work through me to help other people who have been troubled by the same things I’m going through. My goals moving forward to continue doing the work of God and taking up his cross. My elders tell me I’m too young to be taking up this burden, but I’m very thirsty for the Kingdom of God and I am not going to let my age get in the way nor what other people say. I believe in the power of God, and my hope is in Jesus Christ forever and ever. Amen.