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> Holding onto Our Christian Identity

Holding onto Our Christian Identity

The minister spoke of how Satan is always there ready to condemn us, filling us with negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, but Satan isn’t our judge, we aren’t even our judge. God alone is the judge and He has given us our identity through His Holy Word.

1 Corinthians 3:9

Minister Ford preaches,”This verse says a lot about believers. They are coworkers with Him in His service, His field, His building and His church. As I grow on the path of faith, my eyes are open more and more to who I am as a Christian, and who we are as the church.

I recall the other day that I caught myself (with God’s help) on the verge of thinking negatively about myself for something. I quickly was able to evaluate the foolishness in that potential false claiming. I see more than ever that I, just as much as you, really need to fill up on the Word more, it is the only real source of identity.

We have Satan, our enemy, constantly seeking to kill us. And his lethal weapon is lies.”

John 8:44

“Our identity is likely the most vital area of our lives- so Satan aims to kill us by attacking that spot a lot. He wants to kill us with condemning words to define us. Many Christians know this, but their lives would say otherwise.

The difference between living a full and amazing life as a Christian is all leaning on your beliefs. Whose words do you believe in? What do we define our life on? Is it us who judges and gives ourselves our value or is it our culture, our peers, our family? The basis of this message comes from a look into our actions, our choices, our values.”

After the message, the members took the nourishment of the Word of God and used it to exercise their faith in a great session of prayer. May God continue to bless these brothers and sisters as they humbly let God’s Word define them.

Also pray for the growing teaching of Minister Michael Ford who voiced his ambitious desire to one day preach a sermon series about the identity of the Christian.