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> Intercessory Prayer team Elim starts Prayer movement

Intercessory Prayer team Elim starts Prayer movement

Intercessory prayer team Elim starts ‘Elim prayer movement’ from Sunday, April 3rd.

Towards the Pentecost, Elim hopes to encourage people to pray daily asking the presence of Holy Spirit and renewing the relationship with God.

Everyone who wants to join pray at 10pm every day except Friday for 10 minutes(minimum). Basically they pray for their own prayer topics. When they need prayers, they can ask to Elim members or ministers. Elim members will pray for church and families first, then pray for others, lastly their prayers. Elim plan to make this movement as the church prayer time. Elim leader Cindy sends text to members every night and asks if they have any special prayer request.

Cindy say “When I evangelize, I can meet many people need prayers. Sometimes they text me to pray for some urgent situations. Church families also have a lot of prayer needs so decide that not only pray for them but make them pray. As we pray daily, they can realize the importance a life of prayers. I also have some family and friends that pray for me and my church even though they are not in my church. I hope to find more ‘outside’ intercessory prayers for church and members. Also through this movement, hope to make prayer network for all.”

If you are interested in prayer request or joining prayer, contact Cindy 404 247 3243 or