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Kid’s Cooking Class

This month cooking class was a hit with the KIDS!

Kids were really excited to help their mothers in the kitchen for last month’s cooking class. By the end of the class, they were proudly calling themselves ‘chef’!

The mini-chefs and their mommy-assistants made Vietnamese Spring Rolls along with three side sauces. After they finished making the rolls, they had the chance to sample their delicious creations. And of course, everyone loved it!

This very simple recipe was so easy, that the kids were able to prepare delicious and well made rolls. If anyone is interested, Bethel encourages you all try to make it with your kids or by yourselves!


Seafood: Shrimp / Imitation Crabmeat
Meat: Beef/ Chicken/ Pork(Optional)
Vegetable: Any salad lettuce / Colorful peppers(Red, Yellow, Orange or Green) / Mung-bean Sprout / Onion / Avocado and more! <—Any vegetable you like
Fruit : Apple / Pineapple can
Rice paper

Sauce <—Use Spoon
1) Peanut sauce
Peanut butter(Any kind)-4, Mayonnaise-2, Mustard-2, Syrup or Sugar-1, Lemon or Lime-One
2) Sesame sauce
Fried Sesame seed-6, Water-6, Lemon or Lime-Two, Sugar-4, Mayonnaise-4, Soy Sauce-2, Cooking wine-2(Optional), Peanut butter-1

1. Chop every vegetable and place them big plate with sea food
2. Make Sauce and place in bowl
3. Prepare lukewarm water in wide bowl, wet rice paper in it then place in plate
4. Put any vegetables, sea food or meat then sauce, ROLL IT!!!

There will be no December class but they will resume January 21st!