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> Members Become One In Prayer For Mission

Members Become One In Prayer For Mission

Atlanta summer mission began powerfully on June 11th, at Georgia State University.

As summer class beings, ministers have prayed for fruitful mission before fall semester begins. They ask prayers for mission to every member either they are together or away for summer. Ministers keep updating prayer request and grace in members’ chat and it encourages them to join mission through prayers.

Haley and Vanessa who are in OLI at Dover pray for Atlanta mission more than ever. Haley shared visions from God with ministers last week “When I prayed for Atlanta, I saw a trail of fire blazing. A chariot of angels was flying down the trail, shouting with joy. The angels enjoy Atlanta bethel. They like having “adventures” with us. Angels flying all over the campus. Blood flowing over the ground (the land is blessed). Holy Spirit falling like rain. (Beings) stomping on the ground and the ground shaking and breaking.”

Please keep praying for Atlanta mission.