Atlanta Bethel Community Church

> Members Urged to Desire Jesus and Clean Church Together

Members Urged to Desire Jesus and Clean Church Together

This fall day service began with a message from Matthew 14:44-46 and Luke 19:1-10. P. Anderson talked in depth about Zacchaeus and his strong desire to see Jesus; to know Jesus. To this chief tax collector, what Jesus had to offer was greater than any riches. Just as in Matthew 14, with the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl, Zacchaeus discovered this true hidden treasure and indeed gave everything in order to gain this precious pearl. 

Pastor explained how, for us, this salvation; this Jesus is truly a hidden treasure. He cannot be found by us on the street or in any place, but He can only call to us and reveal Himself to us. By our own works and deeds, we cannot find Jesus. But first we must climb the sycamore fig tree. “Zaccheaus felt this desire that, ‘Jesus is passing through, I must see Him!’,” P. Anderson continues, “Do we truly have this desire? Or do we let other thing fill our hearts?”

After the message, lunch fellowship and a quick birthday celebration, many members stayed behind to clean the church together. By the grace of God, the church was able to have a small renovation to the kitchen area and this prompted a church-wide cleaning day. The ministers are thankful for God provision over the church and for the members gracious hearts for cleaning.