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> Minister Danielle White’s Reflection

Minister Danielle White’s Reflection

Though there are still many things I long to understand about Jesus’ cross, one thing I do understand is the sacrifice and love behind His every action. When I look at how He boldly took the cup given by God, how He did run away and take the easy way out and how He willingly took on the full pain of the cross, it really made me think about my walk.

All of this is the path of the cross that Jesus took and what should be done for us as well. Boldly going out, not taking the easy way and doing all things out of love; this is the path Jesus showed us. But am I truly taking this path or do I try to go a little off the path to avoid problems and difficulties? I think I’ve lived trying to go off the path, but then I realized that outside the path of Christ is nothing but a selfish, sin-filled life. It’s like I’m on a small but sturdy bridge and surrounding it is a great chasm. If I try to go off the path, I will fall into it. So when I came to understand this more, I realized that I have to try harder to die to myself and keep on this path of Christ.

I have to go lower and humble myself more and be obedient. Obedient until the end and bring death to my flesh and then resurrecting with Jesus Christ and living this new life of love and mercy.