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> Minister Ford Begins Teen Ministry

Minister Ford Begins Teen Ministry

The three weeks were amazingly empowering and refreshing for my spirit. I had grown very dry on all things, but when called, I answered God’s will through Olivet Teen Mission Headquarter’s prayer.

I got the blessed opportunity to work with two ministers who have a very strong desire for teens. They shared this passion, and many practical things such as planning. We worked together from morning to night, on a well rounded schedule of article writing, grace sharing and seminar viewing. Planning is something I’ve never been good at, but I need to do. Following the well laid out plan everyday gave me peace and direction, expectations and hope.

I learned many things that challenged my frame of mind. Teens see church as a bore, so though there are exceptions, most won’t come to an initial invite to a bible based activity like service or study, so we have to connect with them in areas that teens are more prone to be interested in.

I’m more likely to seek the people who are ready for bible study, but now I feel like I need to march around the Jericho of teens hearts and knock their walls down through more fellowship activities. Hq leaders and I prayed daily and this is also key. We need to really be firm in prayer and the word or any mission will become a burden that we will want to drop.

God showed me his love through the hearts of Dover OTM teens, Bronx OTM Teens, and just his love for places that are very obviously broken like New York City. New York and Atlanta are both superficially a lot alike in how sin is expressed. Fatherless families, crime and drug issues, the youth have no good role models, not even at a secular level. It is a challenge, but through prayer first, I believe movement, steady movement of God’s love can be made in both locations, as well as this world.

I have a lot of praying and planning to do, so I hope I can get a lot of support from those out there. Pray for me and OTM Atlanta.