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> Ministers Starting Group Bible Studies on Fridays

Ministers Starting Group Bible Studies on Fridays

On September 1, the amazing grace of God was lavished on Atlanta Bethel through the beginning of Friday campus group bible study. Minister Hyunhee Park, Michael Ford and others from the church had been evangelizing daily, focusing on Atlanta’s Georgia state university. Students who showed interest expressed that they were most available on Friday, so two groups were formed for 10 am and 2 pm.

The ministers prepared well with prayer and began the day teaching the 1st two blessings of the sermon on the mount. Michael who taught the messages testified, “Things really are in God’s hands. We were worried about finding a secure location to teach, seeing how we are not students so we can’t book study rooms ourselves. But it’s amazing how God works. We sort of got kicked out of the study room we were using because someone else booked it, so we moved to another, and this one student was curiously watching us. After the message, I evangelized her. She was so happy to get invited, and she also was able to book a secure room for our 2 pm study group. God is good.”

The ministers had high expectations, and many confirmed students, it was a bit disappointing at first, when a few students canceled, but the 1 soul who made it to the morning group gave them lots of hope as they got to view preciousness that comes attached to even just 1 person when they are apart of the provision of God. One minister said, “I can see, small things go along way in the hands of God. This one student gave us great hope, and then this one other curious student was used as a provision for our 2nd group.”

The 2nd group that the formed was a larger group of 8 which also learned of the first two blessings of the sermon on the mount. After their bible study, they all, with meekness, shared their humble grace, and when asked if they would join next friday, the whole group provided the ministers with a happy “yes” as a response. The ministers are hoping that this group of students can begin to diligently seek the word of God through these groups, and eventually attend services and other events, growing in the community of faith.

Atlanta asks for prayer for these young students. May they, with open hearts, consistently make these meetings, and have their lives totally changed forever, committing themselves to Jesus, the kingdom, and may they unite well with Atlanta. May they be protected now, because Satan will pursue them with much vigor and intensity, to steal this grace away and kill their faith, while the lord, and these ministers have come to give them life and to the full.